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Dec 06, 2008


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Our understanding of humanities responsibilities in life are shown in how God created the world.

Women are not a different species. Men and women need to be viewed as humans first, who are consequently ALSO created as male and female like the rest of creation. As humans we were created last. God created in an order that what went before supported what came after. Sun, moon, stars all supported the life cycles on the earth. Earth and water were created to bring food to the creatures that came after. Animals were created to give humanity something to extend guardianship, care and compassion to, as well as entertainment. How boring a world without the myriad of different creatures we have. And last humanity was created to 1) be benefitted and supported by all that went before, and 2) as the last created to extend guardianship to all that went before. That is the true order of creation.

The concept that because woman was created after the man, then she is somehow relegated to subjection, is pure eisigesis and conjecture. It is not in the creation account.

What is in the creation account is that unlike all the other creatures, God took special care in how He went about creating humanity. He purposely created first the man alone, so that the man could learn that aloneness was not good and that he needed a companion, a ‘help’ for his aloneness. When the man realized that he was alone unlike all the other creatures, THAT is when God proceeded to take from the side of the human, flesh and bone, and from that foundation formed a woman to be his perfect counterpart, a help for his aloneness.

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