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Dec 08, 2008


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I noticed that you were relying on Strong's to get definitions from. Strongs is not actually a dictionary of Hebrew and Greek words. It primarily only lists how they were translated in the KJV. It's the poorest of poor sources for meanings. However, the numbering system is phenomenal. That is it's greatest use.

I recommend the following to find the actual words used in Hebrew and Greek

Vines Complete Expository Dictionary can help somewhat with meanings.

New International Dictionary of NT Theology and New International Dictionary of OT Theology and Exegesis


I noticed that at the end “an afterward” has been added.

I would go even further and say that all members (both men and women) need to submit graciously to their elders, whether they are men only or men and women. We need to respect and honor our leaders whoever they are.

But let us not engage in ‘fearmongering’, suggesting that anyone who disputes the question of whether men only should be elders have their priorities wrong. To dissuade questioning is to damage everyone.

This is why Paul applauded the Bereans who listened to what Paul said, but did not accept it or believe it just because he was a leader, but instead they went back to the Scriptures to validate what Paul said.

May we all be Bereans with one another. Few today can compare to Paul. We need to check ourselves.

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