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Jan 03, 2009


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Dawn Wilson

"Vs. 22 of Ephesians 5 actually reads “Wives, to your own husbands, as to the Lord.” The words be subject are borrowed from vs. 21. The apostle Paul did not separate wife's submission to her husband from the mutual submission given in vs. 21. When he borrowed the verbiage of vs. 21 the apostle Paul welded the concepts of mutual submission and wife submission together as one."

above excerpt taken from "Mutual Submission" by Dawn Wilson



It is also good to remember that sometimes submission can be including obedience. It depends on the circumstances. The Greek word does not require obedience. Thus egals are not saying that submission never involves obedience. They are saying that it can involve obedience. However, since in most cases the verb is in the passive, it is usually about how one is arranging themselves in attitude and action toward others regardless of the others actions and attitudes toward them.

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