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Feb 04, 2011


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Amen. Same thing with slavery. Direction was given to speak into things that were not recommended but that were what the cultures accepted then. As Christians we are admonished to mature into the maturity shown in Christ Jesus.

Shirley Taylor

My soul cries out when I read about women having to submit to men, just simply because they are men. Of course the Danvers Statement says "redeemed" but you never see that qualifying word used. I applaud the writer for what he said. We have a tremendous work ahead of us, not just in the US and Australia, but all across the world. I stand with all of you who advocate Christian women's equality in the home, in the church, and in society.

Paul was speaking to the people in his day - that was not culture. Culture is something that was, and is now, and can change as it moves into the future. What Paul was speaking in was the NOW. He said this is the way it is right NOW. He does not say that it was right, nor does he say that it is something that should transcend 2000 years.

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