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Jul 17, 2013


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OOOPs. Left out something in point two. If those who know better would seek to live it and teach it.


I think we have two routes to take. One, if all Christians were to concentrate on their spiritual life and relationship with Christ, it would do a lot to correct a lot of social ills now present amongst Christians. And it would indeed take a long time. Two, if those who know better regarding what it really means to Biblically love, honor, respect, carry one another's burdens and work to benefit each other , it would do a lot toward correcting specific social ills such as men and women's social disparity. And though it will take some time, I believe it will take less time than the first option. Plus, correcting this social ill may speak strongly into spurring many toward correcting the spiritual life with God.

Just "thunking it" through a little.

Kristen Rosser

Thanks for linking to my piece! I think you're right that the church needs more intimacy with God, and that the Holy Spirit could change our mindset-- but with a mindset as subconscious and deep-rooted as this, it would take a lot of time.

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